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our product

The company specializes in non-ferrous metals (nickel, Cobalt, copper, lithium, manganese, zinc and other precious metals), rare earth and other hydro metallurgical process design and equipment manufacturing, our main business scope includes: PVC sheet, environmental protection equipment, extraction equipment, PPH tank, mixing equipment and others.

Hangzhou Tianyicheng Environment Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd was established in 2010.is a Environmental Equipment Factory and Plastic Sheet Suppliers is a national high-tech enterprise listed on the new third board.Its main products include Mixing Equipment, extraction equipment, PPH / HDPE equipment, micro interface degreasing equipment and stirring equipment.The company has sufficient production capacity, high control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, which lays the foundation for continuous production; the company's complete ERP system, reasonable distribution of sales and warehousing network and efficient operation mechanism ensure the delivery of domestic orders within 24 hours and foreign trade orders within a week.

plastic sheet

Our PVC sheet widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, electroplating, water purification treatment equipment, extraction engineering, electronic circuit board, fireproof board template, cement board template, signage production, electrical equipment processing etc , with high surface finish, high hardness, no deformation, easy to process, strong corrosion resistance, fire retardant and high pressure resistance and others .