Team & cooperation

The technical R & D Department of the company is responsible for the technical negotiation, scheme design, technical docking and new product, technical process development of the project.

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Professional Technical Team

Established a complete professional and technical team, with technical ability from product design and drawing, mechanical and electrical automation development and design, customer technical problem solving, to EPC engineering design, equipped with complete experimental inspection equipment.

Extensive Professional Cooperation

At the same time, it has good cooperation with China Nonferrous Engineering Design and Research Institute (ENFI), Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, Changsha Nonferrous Metallurgy Design Institute, Ganzhou Nonferrous Metallurgy Research Institute, as well as a number of domestic experts in the field of hydrometallurgy such as copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc and rare earth. The company's technology R & D department is responsible for the technical negotiation, scheme design, project management, etc Technology docking and new product and technology development.

Technical introduction

Extraction Process Design

Turnkey project

According to the requirements of customers, understand the composition of raw materials, product standards and other basic information, through the overall planning of our company's professional designers, complete the whole set of extraction production line planning and design.

The planning and design includes: selection of process route, extraction box structure design, workshop layout design, supporting facilities selection, civil engineering conditions, electrical automation design, pipeline and bridge direction design, etc.

Scientifically plan the overall progress of the project, provide basic training services and management information, and assist in tank filling and production commissioning, etc.

Design Of Wastewater And Waste Gas Treatment Process

Tianyicheng environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. uses polycrystalline co precipitation and flocculation technology to accumulate organic matter in the wastewater containing a large number of non-ferrous metals. The equipment adopts the combination of static mixing and dynamic sedimentation or high-efficiency static sedimentation to realize liquid-solid separation. Vapor flotation and microcrystalline demulsification are used in oily wastewater. At present, they have been used in many products to remove oil with good effect.

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Production equipment