Polypropylene Storage Tanks Manufacturers

Polypropylene Storage Tanks Manufacturers

Polypropylene Storage Tank

PPH, HDPE spiral wound storage tank products mainly use polypropylene and high-density polyethylene plastic anti-corrosion equipment produced by expanded winding without welding seam technology, various specifications of tanks, tanks, various towers and pipelines. In the production process, the product from the main body to the accessories is completely processed from a single material of the same kind, but it still has the characteristics of non-leakage and weldability. Its price is much lower than that of stainless steel products. It can be passed under natural conditions. The product has an excellent reputation for ownership in various fields.

The company has achieved good performance in many fields such as chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, pharmacy, papermaking, electric power, food, water treatment, etc., and has been well received by the majority of users.


PPH (polypropylene)

The right material in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) anticorrosion system

Conditions of Use

It can not be used as a transportation tank if it is used in a static state (that is, it is fixed). Working pressure: -2000 Pa~+3000 Pa (atmospheric pressure).

Working temperature: The softening temperature of PPH is 150℃, and it can be used safely for a long time at 100℃, and the working temperature is -20℃—100℃.

The softening temperature of HDPE is 100°C, and it can be used safely for a long time at 60°C. The use temperature is -30°C-60°C.

Filling factor: 0.8~0.85.

Equipment Size

Volume (m3): ≤100

Equipment diameter (mm): Φ1000, Φ1200, Φ1400, Φ1600, Φ1800, Φ2000, Φ2200, Φ2500, Φ2800, Φ3000, Φ3200, Φ3500, Φ3900, Φ4200

One-time molding height of equipment (mm): 6300

  • Square Tank, Pickling Tank and Tank Cover

    The company combines its own process characteristics and technical advantages, and on the basis of making full use of the selected welding equipment, designs and develops PPH square tank, pickling tank and tank cover with domestic leading level, which has strong corrosion resistance, light weight and low cost. , Easy maintenance, long service life, simple foundation and other advantages.

  • Mixing Tank

    The tank body of the stirring tank is a full plastic structure, which is used for chemical reactions such as neutralization, oxidation, reduction, precipitation, flocculation, preparation, mixing, and dilution of chemical media. It can replace and make up for the deficiencies of stainless steel, glass-lined, lining, and FRP equipment.

Product advantages

  • Durability

    Has a high creep strength (long-term hydrostatic strength). Creep: Under constant temperature and constant pressure, material deformation increases with time. It can be used correctly for more than 30 years, and it can be guaranteed for more than 10 years under harsh conditions.

  • Welding

    The barrel body is processed by an advanced spiral winding overall one-step superimposing molding process; the gradient can be freely designed (upper thinner and lower thickness); The bottom and top of the tank are processed by special automatic welding equipment. The same material can be welded in a variety of ways, the joint coefficient can reach more than 0.9, and the welding strength is basically the same as the strength of the base material.

  • Corrosion resistance
    (chemical resistance)

    PPH/HDPE is a non-polar plastic with stable chemical stability. Except for strong oxidizing acids (fuming sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid) and organic compounds that soften or swell it, most chemical media can be used store. At the same time, increase the anti-ultraviolet agent to improve the anti-ultraviolet performance.

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