Oil Removal Equipment Manufacturers

Oil Removal Equipment Manufacturers

The micro-interface oil removal system is a high-efficiency oil removal equipment developed by the company. It is a complete set of equipment for removing organic oil in the extraction solution during the non-ferrous metal wet smelting process. The oil removal effect reaches 1ppm.

Operating Principle

The micro interface oil removal device makes use of the different wetting angle and surface tension of water and oil on the micro surface of the selected special material, so that the tiny oil particles can separate from the surface of the material and float up after growing up, so as to achieve the purpose of separation. The modified fiber material is used to remove oil, which has the characteristics of large specific surface area, high surface energy, strong demulsification effect, lipophilic and hydrophobic.

Operating Principle


Before degreasing


Constant current treatment room


Micro interface degreaser


High efficiency separator


Transfer tank


Activated carbon filter


Oil reservoir after oil removal


Precision filter

Product Features

  • High Degreasing Accuracy

    The surface energy of the modified fiber is strong, and it has a strong demulsification effect on the emulsified oil drops. It has the function of lipophilic and hydrophobic, and can gather small oil drops into large oil drops, making the solution easier to separate oil and water. The oil removal efficiency can reach below 10ppm.

  • High Oil Removal Efficiency

    The fiber is 2-3um ultra-fine wire shape, which has a large specific surface area, which is 1000 times of the same 2-3mm spherical, and the oil removal efficiency is greatly improved.

  • Recovered Oil

    Micro interface oil removal is mainly used for physical demulsification, which does not participate in chemical reaction and does not occupy the organic phase, so the organic phase can be recovered and reused with high economic benefit.

  • Low Operating Cost

    The micro interface oil removal equipment has the advantages of automatic operation, simple operation and reliable operation without adding auxiliary materials.

  • The Amount Of Activated Carbon Is Small

    The oil content of the solution is less than 10ppm, and most of the macromolecular oil has been removed, which improves the utilization rate of activated carbon and reduces the consumption.

  • Long Service Life

    Micro interface oil removal device is separated by physical method, without any derivatives, and has long service life.

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