Non-ferrous metals Extraction Equipment Manufacturers

Extraction Equipment Manufacturers

The company is one of the largest domestic manufacturers and enjoys a high reputation. It has provided more than 100 extraction equipment projects for large listed companies such as China Enfi, GEM, Guangxi Yinyi, Tianjin Maolian, and Jinchuan Group. It is the national standard "Cobalt Editor-in-chief of "Smelting Plant Process Design Specification".

Product advantages


Possess Core Patented Technology

Engineering Installation Qualification

Mechanical and Electrical Installation Qualification

Excellent Sealing Performance and Comprehensive Exhaust and Other Advantages

Supplied a turnkey package unit

Environment-friendly Extraction Box

Material and equipment selection

It adopts extruded all-plastic A-board or laminated all-plastic A-board, processed in fixed size, reducing the welding ratio; semi-automatic extrusion welding gun imported from Germany, uniform discharge, stable temperature control and good welding quality.

Mixing tank structure design

Increase the diversion tube to improve the mixing effect and suction; optimize the baffle to reduce the centrifugal separation in the mixing chamber; the labyrinth water seal reduces the volatilization of gas and improves the operation.

Stirring paddle design

Low-speed operation can meet the requirements of mixing and suction, reducing gas dissolution. Adopting the company's patented product-laminated glass fiber reinforced plastic integrated mixing paddle, excellent corrosion resistance, dynamic balance and rigid strength.

Clarification tank structure design

From the horn-shaped feed inlet-the baffle-the annular grid-the IMI clarification baffle, to the end gathering plate, gradually increase the clarification rate and reduce the two-phase entrainment. Thread adjustment controls the two phase ratios and the return flow rate, which is easy to operate and has high adjustment accuracy. Install an external plexiglass sight glass for easy observation and long service life.

Tubular Mixing Extractor

The tube-type mixing extractor independently developed by the company is the first in China, which greatly improves the efficiency of mixing and extraction, reduces investment and operating costs, has excellent operating performance, and has obvious effects.


  • The stage efficiency is more than 10% higher than that of the traditional mixer;
  • The pumping volume and mixing intensity can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of clarification ability; Nickel Leaching process Design
  • Compared with the conventional extraction mixing tank, the volume of the extractor is reduced to less than 3% of the conventional mixing tank, and the mixing time is shortened from 5 minutes to 6-7 seconds, completing the fine mixing flash extraction;
  • The internal structure of the equipment is exquisite, and the low-speed relative movement of the micro-mixing device makes the oil and water form a very thin layer of liquid film arranged in an orderly interval to achieve complete mixing and flash contact extraction;
  • There is no emulsification during operation, and the consumption of extractant is small.
  • Less Invesment

  • Low Operating Cost

  • Good Environmental Protection Effect

  • Convenient Operation

  • Less Invesment

    Reduce the height and floor space of the workshop. The extractor is small, occupying an area of ​​less than 10, and the height of the transmission device is less than 2m;

    The area is reduced, which can increase the production capacity of extraction equipment per unit area, and correspondingly reduce the project investment;

    There is no conventional large-scale mixing tank, the extractant and metal aqueous solution for single-stage filling are reduced by 20%, the capital occupied by single-stage filling is correspondingly reduced by 20%, and the total investment is significantly reduced.

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