How are clear PVC sheets utilized in architectural and construction projects?

Clear PVC sheets have a variety of uses in building and construction projects. Below are some common applications.
Windows and skylights: Clear PVC panels can be used as a lightweight alternative to glass in architectural windows and skylights. It has excellent weather resistance and impact resistance while being transparent.
Roofs and Canopies: Clear PVC panels are commonly used in roofing systems and canopies to allow natural light to enter the space below. It provides protection from the elements while creating a bright, open environment.
Greenhouses: Clear PVC panels are commonly used in greenhouse construction because they allow sunlight to pass through while providing insulation. These help create a controlled environment for plant growth.
Interior Partitions: Transparent PVC sheets can be used as partition walls in interior spaces, providing visual separation while maintaining an open, spacious feel. You can enhance the aesthetics of your space while ensuring privacy and maintaining transparency.
Signs and Display Cases: Clear PVC sheets are used in signage and display cases, often as protective covers. Allowing you to see your contents clearly while protecting them from dust, dirt and damage.
Protective barrier: In areas with heavy traffic or safety hazards, transparent PVC boards can be installed as protective barriers. Provides a physical barrier without blocking visibility while maintaining security and visibility.