What are the precautions for the installation and use of polyethylene storage tanks?

Precautions for installation and use of polyethylene storage tanks need to pay attention to the following things to avoid some problems:

1. The installation foundation of the polyethylene storage tank should be flat and able to withstand the corresponding pressure.

2. Please remove sharp objects or stones from the storage tank. The bottom of polyethylene storage tanks of 10 tons and above must be covered with a fine yellow sand cushion.

3. The joints of the water tank have been installed in the factory with the best strength. However, during transportation and loading and unloading, the joints may become loose, and the sealing performance of the joints should be checked during installation. Please note that the connection material is PVC, ABS or nylon resin. If you overtighten, the threads may be damaged.

4. The external accessories of the water tank must be connected correctly. The piping connected to the lower joint or flange of the storage tank shall be perpendicular to the storage tank wall. In special cases, it is recommended to use a soft connection to avoid vertical changes or expansion of the tank wall filled with liquid, which may cause damage and leakage of the joint, seriously affecting the service life of the joint and the tank. In order to prevent pipeline damage, U-shaped pipe clamps should be added when connecting the bottom pipeline of the bucket.

5. After connecting the pipes, be sure to perform a full hydraulic test to confirm whether there is any water leakage. If there is water leakage, please reconfirm the sealing part and thread part of the joint, and then adjust them separately.

6. The temperature of the solution in the storage tank is generally normal temperature. When the liquid temperature is higher than 50°C, a metal reinforcement sleeve should be equipped to prevent the container from softening and deforming, and to prevent the reinforcement sleeve from falling off.

7. For polyethylene storage tanks containing chemicals or more than 15 cubic meters, it is recommended to use metal reinforcement sleeves to limit the expansion and deformation of the tank body and avoid cracking of the barrel hole.

8. The polyethylene storage tank is a Puri container, please do not add internal or external pressure to the polyethylene storage tank. When the liquid inlet and outlet flow is large, the exhaust hole with corresponding flow should be configured.

9. When changing the filling liquid or not sure whether it can hold a certain medium, you should consult the business person of the supply company in time.