What is the knowledge introduction of-Extruded PVC Sheet?

PVC is an inexpensive, lightweight plastic sheeting material. It is highly resistant to water and UV damage. It also has excellent fire ratings. It is easy to fabricate and can be used inside or outside. It can be used in a variety of applications including signage, cabinetry, displays, and kiosks.

PVC sheets are available in a wide variety of colors. These sheets can be printed or spray painted. They are also available in a variety of thicknesses. These sheets are resistant to moisture and are easy to install. These sheets are also flame retardant and can be used in a variety of construction applications.

The PVC material is extremely durable. It has a high resistance to chemicals and corrosion. It is also resistant to sunlight. It conducts heat away 2,000 times slower than steel. This material is ideal for signs, displays, kiosks, and direct printing.

Expanded PVC plastic is ideal for signage, displays, and exhibits. It has excellent screw retention and is a lightweight rigid board.