What surface finishes or textures are available for Rigid PVC Sheets, and how do they impact the material's performance?

Rigid PVC sheets are available in a variety of finishes and textures, each of which has an impact on the material's performance. Some common options are as follows:
Smooth surface: This surface is achieved through a polished or glossy surface. It provides excellent clarity and smoothness for applications requiring aesthetic appeal. The smooth surface also repels dust and aids in cleaning.
Embossed Finishes: By embossing, a variety of styles, textures or designs can be given to PVC sheets. These textures can simulate wood grain, leather, or other materials, improving the overall appearance. The embossed finish improves slip resistance and can hide scratches, making them suitable for flooring or decorating projects.
White Color Rigid PVC Sheet
Hair Cell Finish: This step involves creating a fine, hair-like texture on the surface. It has excellent scratch resistance and superior sturdiness. Hair cell finishes are typically used for packaging that is subject to severe wear and tear, such as automotive interiors, protective barriers, or device casings.
Matte Finish: This finish presents a non-reflective surface with a subtle grainy texture. It reduces glare and reflections, making it suitable for applications where visual clarity is critical. Matte finishes are often used for signage, display boards or point-of-sale materials.
The choice of surface finish affects the performance of rigid PVC sheets in terms of aesthetics, durability, ease of cleaning, slip resistance and scratch resistance. It is important to select the appropriate finish based on the intended application to ensure the material meets the required functional and visual requirements.